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PAWS at Work

Specially trained dogs improving the overall wellbeing of staff in the workplace

Staff Wellbeing

Improving the overall wellbeing of staff through the use of specially trained Therapy dogs

Professional Development

Presentations and workshops to raise awareness of proactive strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing

Paws at Work - Dog Stress Relief
Paws at Work - Dog Stress Relief

For All Workplaces

We cater for all workplaces, offering interactive visits from our therapy dog and handler teams, improving staff morale and connectedness


Programs tailored to the specific needs of your workplace

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PAWS at Work Program Overview

Improving the overall wellbeing of staff

Therapy Animals Australia PAWS at Work program takes an active role in putting strategies into place that improve the overall wellbeing of staff within a variety of workplace environments. Our programs provide a unique, practical approach for raising awareness about the importance of mental health. 

PAWS at Work offers a variety of services

  • Self-care and healthy workplace environments
  • Therapy Dog visits
  • Interactive workshops
  • Specialised professional development sessions tailored to your specific needs
  • Complete program to train and integrate an onsite Therapy Dog into your workplace environment.

PAWS at Work Programs

Dog in the workplace


Therapy Dog Visits

Having an appropriately trained Therapy Dog on site is a proactive approach towards creating a healthier workplace environment.

Therapy Animals Australia offers Therapy Dog visits to a wide range of workplaces. Our Therapy Dogs and handlers provide a welcome break from the day to day demands and stresses placed on staff, lifting the mood, helping to boost staff morale and reduce stress levels.

The calming effect that is achieved from spending time interacting with a dog, can help employees to feel more relaxed placing them in a better position to be more productive and to manage stressful situations more effectively.


Training & Incorporating Onsite Therapy Dogs

Therapy Animals Australia offers Therapy Dog training and onsite integration for workplaces.

Our program enables workplaces to train their own onsite Therapy Dog that complies with the Service Animals Australia Essential Standards for Therapy dogs.

Our team offers the expertise, knowledge and support required to help workplaces manage logistics and plan for interactions that are most beneficial for their staff.


Interactive Presentations & Workshops

Bring staff together to focus on improving workplace mental health through a variety of  interactive workshops and professional development sessions

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Positive approaches for improving mental health
  • Self-care and healthy workplace environments

In addition to specific content, our sessions also bring staff together and are a great way of implementing team building activities. Introducing a Therapy Dog into a workplace encourages interactions between staff that may not have taken place naturally. The shared experience, helps employees to feel more connected, increasing the likelihood of them working together as a team in the future.

Our PAWS at Work programs typically result in feelings of gratitude from employees. Initiatives that aim to improve workplace environments are appreciated by staff, often leading to increased feelings of job satisfaction and an increase in staff retention rates.

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